REVIEW: Across the Event Horizon

Mercurio D. Rivera’s stories punch you in the stomach with a great idea, toy with your emotions, then leave you gasping for more.

In his collection of short stories, Across the Event Horizon, Rivera not only surprises with novel ideas, those ideas will remain days after the reading. Rivera understands there are infinite possibilities (and realities) when it comes to alien encounters – even when the alien is a situation – and he writes about the chasms that will need crossing when those encounters happen.

Among the many stories in this collection, you’ll read about aliens that communicate via smells (“The Scent of Their Arrival”), humans traveling far from Earth to find Salvation (“Missionaries”), and how the pain inflicted on an enemy can keep a neighborhood safe (“Tu Surfimiento Shall Protect Us”). Communication (or miscommunication) is a constant theme.

These stories may remind you of Ray Bradbury’s serious storytelling, Philip K. Dick’s sense of humor, and J.G. Ballard’s surreal and visceral imagery.  They’ve been widely anthologized for a reason — they’ll leave you wanting more.

Lessons from 28 Days of Meditation: 20 Minutes is an Eternity

I meditated for 22 of the 28 days of Sharon Salzberg’s True Happiness Challenge and part of the Brooklyn Yoga School Team. (I didn’t blog about it as much as I intended, because I was juggling several writing projects and when I’m busy, blogging becomes low priority. One lesson I learned might be useful for beginning […]

Day 4 Meditation Challenge: Bring the Noise

One of the things about a new habit is you don’t know what to expect along the way. The habit I am cultivating is meditating daily at the same time. Last night, I sat in my usual spot at 11:30 PM. Already, it was half an hour later than I like but I wanted to […]

28-Day Meditation Challenge: Day 1, Setting a Goal

I am participating in Sharon Salzberg’s 28-day meditation challenge as part of the Brooklyn Yoga School team. I’ll be cross-posting between and there as I re-commence my meditation practice. Here’s my first post over there: As I start this challenge, my goal is to make my meditation practice regular since I’ve been meditating on-off for […]

Tomás Chooses Soca

Tomás decides he wants a clockradio to listen to while he’s going to sleep. I can relate, I had one when I was ten or so, listening to music — MY music — was a private joy. Kristen helps Tomás choose a station. Head-down, teeth clenched, eyes closed, he turns the dial, very serious. Goes […]

The End of the World? The Columbus Circle of Time: December 21, 2012.

“You know,” Luisa said. “This isn’t the only Mayan game that involves time travel.” “It’s a Mayan game?” Beatriz said. “From what we can tell,” said Diego. “I would like to know more about these Maya people,” Columbus’ son said. “They must have been very smart if they were able to build such incredible structures.” […]

Movie Review: Looper. With An Explanation of Time Travel from Captain Underpants. Action. Pranks. Laffs.

Admittedly, I’m late to seeing Looper. I saw it last night because Argo was sold out and The Cloud Atlas wasn’t for a couple of hours but I really enjoyed it and I’m glad we saw it. The premise: In 2074, time travel has been invented. It’s illegal but is being used by criminal organizations […]

PICA CABALLO! My Kids Love Costa Rican Spiders

I heard screams from the other side of the house. We were sitting outside of my aunt and uncle’s tiny house on Costa Rica’s Nicoya Penninsula. My three sons had been playing with their cousin and her two cousins, chasing each other around the house the way kids should. The adults were sitting in a […]

Getting Into an NYC High School Part 1: A Preview to the Process

You’ve already signed him up for the Specialty High School exam, right?” Kristen and I looked at each other. “No,” we answered simultaneously. “Is it too late?” I asked, the blood draining from my head. “To sign up it is,” she said shifting her gaze from us to the spreadsheet on the table. At that […]

Maya Warrior Queen Tomb Found: Lady K’abel

Seventh-century Maya Holy Snake Lord, Lady K’abel, was just found in Guatemala. Check out these excellent photographs: According to the article: K’abel, considered the greatest ruler of the Late Classic period, ruled with her husband, K’inich Bahlam, for at least 20 years (672-692 AD), Freidel says. She was the military governor of the Wak kingdom […]