2012 Year of the Dragon – What You Need to Know

Chinese New Year starts on Monday, January 23 We’re entering the Dragon Year, one of the luckiest, most powerful of the Chinese zodiac signs

The Dragon Year always symbolizes the apex of change (and is the year when Asian countries experience a baby boom).

To put the dragon in perspective, in Chinese mythology, the dragon is regarded as a divine beast. A bearer of good fortune and master of authority. In Western mythology, the dragon is a malicious monster to be hunted and slayed.

If you want to know what to expect from this year’s Water Dragon, here’s the short version:

2012 will be a Transformational Year of Extremes. Expect a lot of changes – both good and bad. For example, read Feng Shui Analysis Foresees Volatility in the Year of the Dragon.

Anger is in the air. Arab Spring and Occupy Wall Street seem like they were long ago but they were only months ago. And they’re not over. Chinese astrologers note that the Star of Aggressive Sword is in this year’s chart. That means, collective anger will continue to find an outlet and the competition will be brutal. Probably this means, you should watch your temper.

Hearts will be broken. The Chinese astrology chart for the Dragon Year indicates the presence of the Star of External Flower of Romance. It suggests the occurrence of infidelity and relationships distress.

English: Suiren, the fire driller, brought fir...

Suiren, bringer of fire to mankind

Mentors can help. The Star of Powerful Mentors is also in the astrological chart. Be willing to ask for help, you’ll get it.

Creativity and intelligence are needed. The Chinese astrology chart is missing fire which rules the creativity and intelligence that you need to be competitive. You can overcome this by adding more lights and opening the windows to let the sunshine in.

Everything will seem magnified. According to Lillian Too’s Rabbit 2011 Fortune & Feng Shui guide, “everything good or bad will seem to be larger than usual in magnitude and definitely transformational in effect.” Take time to think things through before you make a decision.

Grant Thatcher over at Huffington Post wrote 8 Things You Must Do Before the Year of the Dragon Starts. Most important, clean your house. It’s how you sweep away last year’s old luck and make way for the Dragon’s good luck.

The Vedic calendar calls this year “Happiness.” The Year of Happiness. The year that follows is called “Victory.”

Enjoy the transformational year ahead. Stay confident. Build up your energy. Improve yourself. Focus on making the world a better place. Take some risks. And go for it.

Want to find out more? Here are Weekly World News’ YEAR OF THE DRAGON: PREDICTIONS some more whacky than others.

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