This is Karlos’ Laws blog. Karlos is me. When I’m not helping life sciences and medical device companies tell their stories, I read and write science fiction for middle grades readers.

I grew up in Ventura, California and Panama (Central America) speaking Spanish at home. Obsessed with languages, I studied French, German, Italian, and Portuguese. (I’m pretty good in French, decent in German, and my Italian and Portuguese have merged into an hybrid romance language powered by Spanish grammar and a lot of handwaving.)

I graduated from U.C. Riverside with an M.S. in biochemistry and the Naropa Institute, where I received an M.F.A. I was lucky enough to study with Keith Abbott, Allen Ginsberg, and Anne Waldman, but as a science fiction writer, I was pretty much out of my element. Still, the M.S.-M.F.A. combo is perfect for helping scientists translate their discoveries into English and for writing speculative fiction. I am fortunate to live on the cutting edge of biological technologies.

I started my writing career by writing musician interviews, live show reviews and even made a contribution to Frank Dommert & HNAS’ single: Hunsrück/Ramon der Monsterjunge. I then turned to writing about science. Over the years, I have written everything from articles, ads and annual reports to fact sheets and web sites for life sciences companies that treat everything from arthritis and cancer to depression and heart disease. I’ve also named a number of products for companies, perhaps most famously Yahoo’s now-defunct social network, 360. I also co-curate the Weapons ABC.

I currently live in Brooklyn with my rockstar-of-an-art-teacher wife and three sons, Alejandro, Tomás, and Felix. When I’m not writing or chasing my kids, you’ll find me on my bike or in the ocean, on a bodyboard.

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Thank you for reading.