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Lessons from 28 Days of Meditation: 20 Minutes is an Eternity

I meditated for 22 of the 28 days of Sharon Salzberg’s True Happiness Challenge and part of the Brooklyn Yoga School Team. (I didn’t blog about it as much as I intended, because I was juggling several writing projects and when I’m busy, blogging becomes low priority. One lesson I learned might be useful for beginning […]


Day 4 Meditation Challenge: Bring the Noise

One of the things about a new habit is you don’t know what to expect along the way. The habit I am cultivating is meditating daily at the same time. Last night, I sat in my usual spot at 11:30 PM. Already, it was half an hour later than I like but I wanted to […]


28-Day Meditation Challenge: Day 1, Setting a Goal

I am participating in Sharon Salzberg’s 28-day meditation challenge as part of the Brooklyn Yoga School team. I’ll be cross-posting between and there as I re-commence my meditation practice. Here’s my first post over there: As I start this challenge, my goal is to make my meditation practice regular since I’ve been meditating on-off for […]