REVIEW: Across the Event Horizon

Mercurio D. Rivera’s stories punch you in the stomach with a great idea, toy with your emotions, then leave you gasping for more.

In his collection of short stories, Across the Event Horizon, Rivera not only surprises with novel ideas, those ideas will remain days after the reading. Rivera understands there are infinite possibilities (and realities) when it comes to alien encounters – even when the alien is a situation – and he writes about the chasms that will need crossing when those encounters happen.

Among the many stories in this collection, you’ll read about aliens that communicate via smells (“The Scent of Their Arrival”), humans traveling far from Earth to find Salvation (“Missionaries”), and how the pain inflicted on an enemy can keep a neighborhood safe (“Tu Surfimiento Shall Protect Us”). Communication (or miscommunication) is a constant theme.

These stories may remind you of Ray Bradbury’s serious storytelling, Philip K. Dick’s sense of humor, and J.G. Ballard’s surreal and visceral imagery.  They’ve been widely anthologized for a reason — they’ll leave you wanting more.