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28-Day Meditation Challenge: Day 1, Setting a Goal

I am participating in Sharon Salzberg’s 28-day meditation challenge as part of the Brooklyn Yoga School team. I’ll be cross-posting between and there as I re-commence my meditation practice. Here’s my first post over there: As I start this challenge, my goal is to make my meditation practice regular since I’ve been meditating on-off for […]


Kicking Ass in the Year of the Rabbit – January Report

The Year of the Rabbit isn’t over yet. It ends on January 23rd. Then we enter the very exciting and predicted-to-be tumultuous Year of the Dragon. So get ready for a wild ride. Spiritual master Sri Sri Ravi Shankar says this is the year of happiness. 2013, he says, will be the year of victory. […]


2012 Already Rocks

In the past, I’ve written how much I hate January. I hate the lame resolutions: lose weight, exercise more, quit smoking, try harder, eat less spaghetti, blah blah blah. I hate the fact that no one sticks to their stupid resolutions. Maybe, it’s the New York weather I hate (and I LOVE New York’s weather… […]